The footsteps of our company

  • 2016

    Selected as Hi-Seoul Brand Company
    Selected for the project "Strengthening of Export Ability of High Growth Companies"
    Selected as a Seoul Type Small Hidden Champion in 2016.
  • 2015

    Selected as Seoul Rising Star Brand
    Supplied products for executive and staff mall of Daewoong Pharm and Hanmi Pharm.

    Entered store shops, such as E-mart BOONS, and Artbox
    Started ‘development project of cold and warm mat for all four seasons’ with LG Household & Health Care

    Expanded Ho Ho Madi, business field of medical mobile equipment
  • 2014

    Provided products for Busan Paradise Hotel
    Newly established an operation division of medical equipments
    Established Ho Ho Medi, business field of medical equipments
  • 2013

    Provided products for Shilla Hotel suite rooms, and the main Lotte Hotel rooms.
    Entered Galleria Department Store, Hi-mart, I-ETLAND, and Home Plus
  • 2011

    18 domestic patent application, 7 oversea application, 3 trademark application
    Developed air conditioning trial manufactured goods for hybrid automobiles
    Launched equipment for skin massage, Hot Cool Theraphy, that uses the semiconductor
  • 2010

    Provided FHI KOREA products for seven-star hotel in Dubai, Buri al Arab
    Selected as the best product by a fashion magazine, Instyle
  • 2009

    Selected as the best product by a fashion magazine, Instyle
  • 2008

    Started development business about power system of high efficiency and low pollution for commercial vehicles with Hyundai Motors
    Established Ochang Factory of Snix Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Selected as the best product by a fashion magazine, Instyle.
  • 2007

    Established FHI KOREA Co., Ltd.
    Succeeded in developing three balance household air conditioning prototype products
    Researched and developed air conditioning that does not have refrigerant and uses Peltier thermo element for Hyundai Motors.
  • 2006

    FHI KOREA Hair Flat Iron won the best product award given by a fashion magazine, ‘allure’
    Produced muffler and manifold for remodeling US automobiles, such as Porche, Ferrari and etc.
  • 2005

    Established a technical service institute within College of Medicine of Yonsei University in Wonju
    Developed a Heating machine
    Started supplying ceramic flat iron for professional use