Captures the sincerity and warmth of the meal

Surakhan PINNACLE Thermos Container

Share your desire to provide the taste of freshly cooked food.

allows you to share your feelings while keeping the food you have prepared for your family warm.

Product Specification

Product Name | Surakhan PINNACLE Thermos Container Set
Material | Polypropylene, stainless
Color | Orange, Blue, Green
Authorized Distributor | FHIKOREA Co., Ltd

* The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase.
This product can be exchanged or compensated according to the Fair Trade Commission Notice of Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards.

Everyone’s meal time is different because of their own lives. Without having to prepare the meal again, it easier to take reasonable amount for each meal!
It prevents the loss of nutrients, texture and moisture cause by heating.

Features of the PINNACLE Thermo Container


Maintains the warmth for maximum of four hours

It is kept warm by the remaining heat of the cooked food, so the moisture of the food itself is maintained and due to the warmth, it is not necessary to heat the food again.


Maintains the food cool for maximum six hours

If you put cold food into the container, it will block out the heat from the outside, which allows the food to stay cool for a long period of time. So, it can be used to store cold foods, such as ice cream, custard and salad.

Minimizes Nutrient Destruction

Putting the food into the microwave or cooking the food can cause damage partial nutrients and vitamins which can cause removal of flavor of the ingredient. If you repeatedly heat the stew or soup, the moisture gradually decreases, causing the stew to gradually get saltier. Surakhan PINNACLE Thermos Container keeps the warmth of the prepared food, so you don’t have to cook it again. As a result, the ingredients don’t break and keeps the natural taste of the food.

Certified Eco-friendly Product

Bisphenol A is the main raw material of plastic used in various materials to increase durability. The endocrine-disrupting chemical BPA that forms when making plastic interrupts normal functioning of endocrine system. Surakhan PINNACLE Thermos Container is a BPA-FREE eco-friendly product, meaning it’s a safely manufacture plastic container. So, you can use this product without any worries.

Easy and convenient to use

It’s a safe product because it does not require electricity or gas in order to utilize the product. Also, it’s easy for elders and children to use as well; this is because after cooking, you can put the food in the container and keep it in room temperature or the refrigerator and just take them out when preparing a meal.

* Do not flip or shake the container, for the space between the cover and the container is not sealed! The food may leak out.

The Fundamentals of Maintaining the Temperature

Maintains the warmth through dual insulation
Maintains the cold temperature through blocking the heat from the outside

Polypropylene has the advantage of not getting modified and not getting exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals due to high temperature.
Highly polymerized compounds are used for cotton wool, mats and thermos. It is a material that is well used for thermos and container for medical equipments because it can bear up against heat.

It performs high level of insulation and the inside is made out of stainless with dual insulation effect, which prevent the temperature from changing easily.

Since it uses high class stainless steel, it does not rust not does it does not get discolored. Also it is very practical to use because it is strong and light.


1. Use a soft sponge or cloth wiped with detergent.
2. Oven, microwave, induction and gas range are not allowed.
3. Do not use dishwasher.
4. Keeping cooked hot / cold food directly in the container will keep the temperature long.
5. Wrapping food with aluminum foil will keep the temperature longer.
6. It is not a sealed product between the lid and the bowl, so food may leak out.
7. Please be careful not to apply a severe shock.