Surakhan Digital Salinity Scale

PRO2000 (5%)

World Health Organization (WHO) 1-day sodium intake recommendation 5g(2000mg)
*USA 8.6g(3440mg) / United Kingdom 9g(3600mg) / Japan 10.7g(4280mg)

It is consumed above the recommended average intake


Surakhan Digital Salinity Measuring Instrument is a device for measuring the salty taste of the national logistics. It is a product for the improvement of the eating habits of the people suffering from adult diseases and the general public.
Please measure the salinity of food at meals and make a delicious meal while keeping your family's health.


Model Surakhan Digital Salinity meter SR-PRO 2000

Principle of measurement Electric Conductivity Measurement Method

Measuring rangemeasured from 0% to 5.0% (Resolution 0.1%)
Precision 0.1% ~ 2.0% (±0.1%) / 2.1% ~ 3.0% (±0.2%) / 3.1% ~ 5.0% (±0.3%)
Power saving function Auto off after 5 minutes
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation(1℃ ~ 99℃)
Display LCD system

Complete function Auto fix measurement

Environment 5℃ ~ 40℃ / max 95% R.H. non-condensing

Battery 3V CR2032

Waterproof Waterproof life

Size / Weight32x168x18mm / 42g(With Battery)



Salinity measurement up to 5%

The salinity meter SR-PRO 2000 can measure salinity more than 0.0% to 5.0%
than salable food.

Apply tapping detection system

If you tap lightly, the power turns on / off automatically and it turns off automatically after 5 minutes.

Automatic temperature compensation function

Temperature compensation from low temperature to high temperature can be measured.

Waterproof life

It is suitable for places where water is used. It can be used anywhere in the laboratories, food rooms, restaurants, etc., and it is convenient to wash.

Hygienic management with cap mounting

Sensor protection cap allows hygienic sensor management and portability.

Additional configuration of local silicon

If you attach a scaly silicone, you can measure it with the broth open. You can use it by attaching and detaching the silicon ladle according to the usage method and the necessity.

How to measure

Remove the sensor cap and check the cleanliness of the sensor area. If the sensor is not clean, wash the sensor part with water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
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The power is turned on by hitting the body part of the product by hand. If the power is not turned on, the battery is discharged and needs to be replaced.
The red LED on the middle of the front is blinking and the readings of salinity are displayed on the screen with measuring / completion / sensor cleaning indicator.
We use state-of-the-art silicone for ease of use.
After using the product, wash the sensor part with water using neutral detergent.
Wipe it with a soft cloth to cover the sensor protection cap.

Measuring notes

  • When the sensor is immersed in the measuring object Measure at least 1 ~ 2cm apart from the floor and avoid the wall or the stomach.
  • When measuring,
    Measurement error becomes severe.
  • The measurement of food containing
    a lot of oil can cause the oil film to
    appear on the surface of the sensor and
    be displayed lower than the actual salinity.
  • In the case of boiling soup,
    the temperature may change
    continuously, and measurement
    may be unstable.
    At this time, please turn off
    the light and measure.

Battery replacement

step 1.

Pull the battery cap at the top of the unit by pulling it up.

step 2.

Pull out the battery holder to remove the internal discharged battery and insert the positive terminal of the new battery with the + terminal facing up.

step 3.

Slide the battery holder in and close the battery cap on it.


1. After use, rinse the sensor part with water using a mild detergent and then wipe it with a soft cloth.
2. When soaked in boiling water, please be sure to immerse only the silicon part and be careful not to apply high heat to the body part as much as possible.
3. It will be waterproof, so you can wash it in flowing water, but do not completely immerse.
4. Keep this product's sensor protective silicone plug in place and keep it out of the reach of children.
5. Please note that a strong impact may cause damage to the product and waterproofing.
6. Avoid storage in a place subject to high humidity and temperature, or exposed to direct sunlight.
7. Do not disassemble or modify this product.